Roller Bearings

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Replace worn bearings or press-fit bearings into tubing or pipe to create your own roller. Speed Reducers for Roller Conveyors Also known as pallet brakes, these mount underneath rollers on a gravity conveyor and create friction on the rollers to control the conveyor's speed.

Roller bearings extend the working life of wheels, pulleys, fans, pumps, compressors, and other rotating parts by reducing friction and enabling parts to move smoothly. They have a wide, flat bearing to provide stability in high-speed applications with high radial loads.

NSK 10UMB09+WX2012 Roller Bearings

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NSK 120SLE414 Roller Bearings

2.5 mm 3,000 rpm
435,000 N Open

NSK 2M120-7 Roller Bearings

Non-Expansion Cast Iron
Class 10 Standard

NSK 150RUBE40PV Roller Bearings

11200 N 33800 N
23.00 mm 6300 rpm

NSK 160SLE404 Roller Bearings

12000 rpm 6700 N
1.00 mm 20.00 mm

NSK 27UMB01 Roller Bearings

4800 rpm 110.000 mm
1.00 mm 150.0000 mm

NSK 90TRL08 Roller Bearings

17400 N 8000 rpm
16000 N 1.00 mm

NSK 160RUBE40APV Roller Bearings

782475556502 4.71 LB
207 Series Rubberized

NSK 38RCV13 Roller Bearings

Baldor-Dodge Powder Coat
6500 rpm Cast Iron

NSK 140SLE304 Roller Bearings

12.00 mm 18000 rpm
11200 N 15000 rpm

NSK AR110-27 Roller Bearings

290.0000 mm 2900 rpm
65.00 mm 3.00 mm

NSK 2J120-11 Roller Bearings

Non-Expansion Stainless Steel
Round Standard